Hello! My name is Jayson Harris.

Last night I was the facilitator of a wonderful and fantastic discussion. Discussion meetings facilitate discussions involving all attendees. They are intended for community supporters a space to exchange ideas and experiences.

The event was held on June 29th 2020 on zoom. I asked our meetup followers

“Have you experienced N,N-DMT and seeking a discussion with others in the community?”

We had a discussion with 30 or more people, over half of our attendees had no experience with DMT at all. Because our groups are so beginner heavy I wanted to show my participants how to find this information on their own. I spent the first few minutes of the meeting screen-sharing Erowid, TheThirdwave.co, and tripsit.me.

I played a clip of Terence McKenna talking about Psychedelic Community (Audio at end of blog) – (terence-psychedelic community.mp3)

and a short clip of Terence McKenna describing DMT to kick off our discussion (Audio at end of blog) – (terence-dmt shortest acting strongest.mp3)

Amongst our 2 hour discussion we had many topics that came up. 3 or 4 participants showed their methodology for consuming DMT. Including dab-rig, oil pipe, vaporizer, and electronic nectar collector honey straws.

We had a good conversation about experiences people were having and including a very dilligent discussion about entities we have encountered. Many shared ideas of what one could do with a “difficult” or “scary” entity. Some of the entities were described as “ghost worm”, “magician”, “clowns”, “behemoths”, “wecoming spirits”
No one in our group has encountered what they would describe as elves.

We discussed how it could be possible these things are just there waiting for us on the other side. Many people had interesting opinions and theories although nothing conclusive to that end.

We had a good conversation about local artists who are inspired by DMT and non-locals suchas Alex Grey and what parts of our DMT experience their art captures for us.

We talked about researchers Rick Strassman, his book, documentary, and follow up works that have led him to seeking Old Testament Prophecy in a the DMT realm and Andrew Gallimore who has many talks about breaking convention. Notably from our discussion about staying in the DMT realm long enough to learn the language to bring back to the other side.

We talked about taking DMT in combination with an MAOI and how to purchase an MAOI. Some participants were extracting their own from the vines made to use ayahuasca, or a syrian rue seeds. On the call we also found you can buy “Harmala Extract” or “peganum harmala extract” on google, ebay, aliexpress.

There is too much covered and too many voices to tell it all in a blog! I hope you check out any of our upcoming discussions because they are always one of a kind and they are meant for your attendance and participation.

Art by Tobias Berblinger – https://www.tobiasberblinger.com/