Psychedelic Alchemy was an hour presentation presented by Jane Latimer, MA, a psychotherapist, Soul Guide and activist for psychedelic healing.
She discussed the 3 legs of healing: psychological, lightwork and alchemy, explaining in detail the difference between all three.
Psychology is to prepare the body/mind vehicle to house the most lighted aspect of Soul.
Lightwork brings in a higher vibration and Alchemy gives us to tools to transmute denser vibration of matter into it’s higher vibrational form.

While allopathic medicine treats symptoms, hoping that the result brings greater well-being and normalcy, healing on the other hand invites us to enter into the unknown.
Normalcy or even well-adjustment might be preceded by a break-down or collapse as alchemical energy infuses the body-mind ego structure with intense energies that might cause a breakdown of ego structures built on falsity.

Working with psychedelics to actively engage the shadow aspects of our being is an important part of this alchemical process and can’t be bypassed.
She had suggestions for reading and is preparing a workbook that can be used to support this healing process.