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Recurring Events Calendar

Here is our calendar. There are new things added all the time. Please RSVP to receive more communication and let us know you’re coming! Many of these meetings have different formats and different level of audience participation. Please see our Categories Below the calendar.

The First Week of the Month

These events meet on the first week of every month

Men's Support Group

First Monday

Led by Keith

Monthly Conversation

First Tuesday

Led by Emily Peck

Health Care Professionals

First Wednesday

Led by
Joe Eaton & Brian Pilecki

Integration Circle

First Saturday

Led by Kayci Mitchell

The Second Week of the Month

These events meet on the second week of every month

Microdosing Discussion

Second Sunday

Led by Joe Eaton

Addiction Recovery

Second Wednesday

Led by Kayci Mitchell

Autistic Discussion

Second Thursday

Led by Nathan Cooper

The Third Week of the Month

These events meet on the third week of every month

Integration Circle

Third Saturday

Led by Kayci Mitchell

Elders Gathering

Third Sunday

Led by Joe Eaton

Clinton Street Series

Third Thursday

Led by Evan Segura

Rainbow Integration Circle

Third Thursday

Led by Brandon Barclay & Avery-Dean Swift

Artistic Creativity Conversation

Third Friday

Led by Peggy Parks & Holly Dotson

The Fourth Week of the Month

These events meet on the fourth week of every month

Creative Integration Practices

Fourth Monday

Led by Holly Dotson

Women's Support Group

Fourth Wednesday

Led by Kayci Mitchell

Fresh Alternatives in Recovery

Fourth Saturday

Led by Kayci Mitchell

Book Club

Fourth Sunday

Led by Evan Segura

Recurring Events Categories

Support Groups

Formated meetings with open share/discussion. These groups are meant to provide peer support exchange opportunities. Meeting facilitators are experienced and or educated on the subject providing additional support to attendees as needed.


Guest speaks or gives a presentation on a specific topic with Q&A or discussion following.


Instructional/Interactive/Educational/How to. Guest presents on a topic. Workshops may or may not include activities, exercises, open discussion, Q&A.

Discussion Groups

These meetings facilitate discussions involving all attendees. There may be a host or guest in these groups but they are intended for community supporters a space to exchange ideas and experiences.


The objective of our social meeting is to strengthen relationships in our community.