Well here we go! The Portland Psychedelic Society Book Blog is officially launched. It’s a cooperative project. You’re invited to share your information and wisdom. Ive seeded this blog with a few brief reviews of books that have been useful and informative for me. You’re invited to add your reviews to this section. I’ve kept the reviews fairly short with the idea that a person could relatively go through it to decide what his next book would be. When I first started on this project I guess I imagined there would be 20 or 30 books on Psychedelics that I would have to read in order to be reasonably educated. Turns out there are probably hundred of contemporary books,more historical writings and endless numbers of academic and research articles. So we’ve split up the job with Aaron Eisen focusing on research and otherwise academic articles and myself focused solely on books. This is a separate venture from the ongoing Portland Psychedelic Book Club. No one from that group has been willing to step up with a short review of the monthly books they are reading. I’m not yet clear how we’ll get your reviews into this blog, but start writing now and I’ll figure it out soon. I’m defining “Psychedelic” is very broad terms: I think I’d reject the Quran or the Bible as a little too far afield but Wasson’s Persephone’s Quest, a dissertation on the beginnings of religion, would fit in. I want you to submit reviews about books that have excited you and that you wish everybody would read. It’s seems that our readers will quickly decide which reviewers they can rely on; so, for now, a reviewer must submit his/her name or nom de guere along with the review.