Hello my name is Jayson Harris.  I was the facilitator of Macrodosers Discussion.   This was an event we held in late April 2020 on zoom.   We asked people who were taking “double or more a strong dose” of any psychedelic of their calling.    I wanted to hold this meeting for many years and with the passing of Kilindi Iyi in April, I saw it a fit topic and space to honor Kilindi as the first meeting I facilitated for Portland Psychedelic Society.

We began the meeting with a few words.   I did not write them down.   I talked about Kilindi Iyi videos attracting me to find other orators of psychedelics.  This quest led me to a small space above a grocery store to hear a lady talk about the benefits of syrian rue at the Portland Psychedelic Society.  I began volunteering at the upcoming events to record on my camera and post them up to youtube.

I talked a bit about Kilindis bullet points.  How he was a public speaker who consumed large, very large, doses of psilocybin mushrooms.  I talked about meeting Kilindi twice in Portland at two separate conferences I was privileged to film in July & October.

I played a clip from the October conference over zoom.

About 20 people turned out to discuss taking 7-14+ grams of mushrooms.   Some discussed combining harmine (MAOI) and small dose DMT which reported to last hours.   We had reports of accidental dosing of LSD in the 50+ tab ranges and how traumatic events are life changing.

The discussion went on til about 9 PM with many many more discussions than that but I was not taking notes.    Please find us on the calendar and come to an upcoming event.