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All of our events are scheduled on the website (available on Web, Android and iPhone)  It’s free to join and the best way to stay up to date!  everyone is welcome! 

Event Categories

Support Groups

Formatted meetings with open share/discussion. These groups are meant to provide peer support exchange opportunities. Meeting facilitators are experienced and or educated on the subject providing additional support to attendees as needed.


We feature guest presentations on a specific topic with Q&A or discussion afterwards.



Instructional/Interactive/Educational/How-to. Guest presents on a topic. Workshops may or may not include activities, exercises, open discussion, Q&A.

Discussion Groups

These meetings facilitate discussions involving all attendees. There may be a host or guest in these groups but they are intended for community supporters a space to exchange ideas and experiences.


The objective of our social meetings are to strengthen relationships in our community.


Creative Space

Share your art: visual, written, performance, musical… whatever makes your heart joyful!


Learn More About Our Many Events:

We have many diverse groups within Portland Psychedelic Society and we encourage you to select some that interest you! We have many different event formats and levels of audience participation. We suggest you start out with our “Monthly Conversation” to get acquainted!

Monthly Conversation

This is a great meeting for anyone new to the Portland Psychedelic Society

The conversation is just that, a conversation!

Each month we will discuss a new topic

Led by Emily Peck

First Tuesday of the Month

Sept 1,  Oct 6,  Nov 3,  Dec 1 2020

Health Care Professionals Meeting

Therapists, Counselors, Healers, Sitters, Naturopaths, Nurses, & all doing health care work are welcome to join this discussion.

Odd numbered Months are open discussion.

Even numbered Months are guest Speakers.

Led by Joseph Eaton & Brian Pilecki

First Wednesday of the Month

Sept 2,  Oct 7,  Nov 4,  Dec 2 2020

Community Integration Circle

Come introduce yourself at this peer circle.   Topics arise by attendees!

 This meeting is intended to create a space where those who are using psychedelic medicines for personal and spiritual growth

Led by Kayci Mitchell

First & Third Saturday of the Month

Sept 5, Sept 19, Oct 3, Oct 17, Nov 7, Nov 21, Dec 5, Dec 19

Microdosing Discussion

Are you microdosing? Do you have questions for those who have been practicing microdosing psychedelics?

This meeting will be a discussion group for those in our community who are interested in discussing microdosing experiences.

Led by Joseph Eaton & Kayci Mitchell

Second Sunday of the Month

July 15, August 9,  Sept 13,  Oct 11,  Nov 8,  Dec 13

Psychedelic Book Club

Join us to discuss one book each month!  

You don’t have to read the book to participate / listen in the discussion, but please familiarize yourself with the author and content as much as possible

Led by Evan Segura

Fourth Sunday of the Month

Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 27

Psychedelic Arts Salon

Artists will present their work and discuss how psychedelics have inspired or influenced their creative process.

Please join us and meet community artists and get familiar with their work.    Painters, Musicians, Photographers, Writers, Woodcarvers.

Led by Holly Dotson & Peggy Parks

Third Friday of the Month

Aug 21, Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 20, Dec 18

Womxn’s Support Group

A safe space to discuss psychedelic experiences and curiosities for anyone who identifies as a womxn.

It’s an open discussion on whatever topic comes up as pertinent to the attendees on the call.

Led by Kayci Marie

4th Wednesday of the Month

July 22, August 26, Sept 23, Oct 28, Nov 25, Dec 23 2020

PPS Men’s Support Group

Welcome all men who are looking to share wisdom, speak truth, and connect with the sacred and authentic masculine.

It’s an open discussion on whatever topic comes up as pertinent to the attendees on the call.

Led by Keith Gilmore

First Monday of the Month

July 6, August 3, Sept 7, October 5, Nov 2, Dec 6

Rainbow Integration Circle

A space for gender and sexually expansive folx (2SLGBTQAI+) to come together, 

integrate our experiences with psychedelics and entheogens in community.   We will sit in circle allowing space for anyone who wishes to share to do so.

Led by AveryDeane LeSwift & Brandon Barclay 

Not on schedule

Please check Meetup for date

Young Adults & Students 

A space for discussions amongst young adults (18+) and students in our psychedelic community 

This is a group aimed at providing a space for discussions with like-minded people, and get informed about topics relating to psychedelics. 

Led by Cory & Hunter

Fourth Thursday of the Month

July 23, Aug 27, Sept 24, Oct 22

Autism & Psychedelics Discussion

Do you have Autism and experience with psychedelics?  All neurodivergent welcome 

This meeting is an open discussion.   Attendees will introduce ourselves and talk about our experiences.

Led by Nathan Cooper

Second Thursday of the Month

Aug 13, Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 13

Elders Gathering

If you are interested in an enjoyable chat with our elders. This group is widely attended by ages 50-80+ All biological ages are welcome.

This group has been held on Zoom as a general discussion.   Please feel welcome to join us.

Led by Joseph Eaton

Third Sunday of the Month

July 19, August 16, Sept 20, Oct 18,  Nov 15, Dec 20

Addiction Recovery & Psychedelics

We welcome anyone seeking addiction recovery no matter what stage they are in with it.

This is a structured peer discussion and support group for sharing of experience on the benefits and use of psychedelic medicines with treating addictions.

Led by Kayci Mitchell

Second Saturday of the Month

July 8, Aug 11, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12

Fresh Alternatives in Recovery

In this group we focus on the solutions we have found for ourselves in relation to the use and integration of psychedelic medicines.

The format for this meeting is a lead presenter followed with Q&A, discussion and open share’s.

Led by Kayci Mitchell

Fourth Saturday of the Month

Aug 22, Sept 26, Oct 24, Nov 28, Dec 26

Other Monthly Groups

We have many more groups than this but here’s a few you can find each month!

Mushroom Cultivation, BIPOC, Show & Tell,  Deep Discourse, Social Gatherings

Led by many great PPS Facilitators

May be scheduled at any time this month

Please check Meetup for dates