Macrodosers Discussion and Honoring Kilindi Iyi

Macrodosers Discussion and Honoring Kilindi Iyi

Hello my name is Jayson Harris.  I was the facilitator of Macrodosers Discussion.   This was an event we held in late April 2020 on zoom.   We asked people who were taking “double or more a strong dose” of any psychedelic of their calling. 

Doors of Perception – Book Review

The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley was copywrited in 1954. A decade later, when I was 18 and contemplating the psychedelic adventure, it was still the best book available to help illumnate the trail. There were other powerful auto biographies of substance using...

Monthly Conversation – May 2020

The Monthly Conversation is an event the Portland Psychedelic Society hosts every first Tuesday of each month, in which members of the community come together to discuss topics surrounding the use and applications in society of psychedelics.

Introduction to the Book Blog

The Portland Psychedelic Society Book Blog is officially launched. It’s a cooperative project. You’re invited to share your information and wisdom. Ive seeded this blog with a few brief reviews of books that have been useful and informative for me. You’re invited to add your reviews to this section.

Trauma as a path of spiritual awakening

Psychedelic Alchemy was an hour presentation presented by Jane Latimer, MA, a psychotherapist, Soul Guide and activist for psychedelic healing.
She discussed the 3 legs of healing: psychological, lightwork and alchemy, explaining in detail the difference between all three.
Psychology is to prepare the body/mind vehicle to house the most lighted aspect of Soul.